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On a road trip along the US West Coast we GOT addicted to an on the go meat snack that was like roast beef in a bag. This was an absolute killer product.

There was nothing like it back home in the UK. 

Hungry, overweight, and craving a low carb OPTION that didn’t leave us feeling guilty or bloated, we set about creating a healthy snack with the texture of roast beef and the tastiness of crisps. 

to start, We assembled a team of master butchers, international chefs and an expert seasonings house…

now, after MORE THAN four years of product development (including a bespoke production facility) JEKL Steak on the go! has launched. 

JEKL Steak on the go! is MADE IN A completely different WAY to conventional jerky and biltong.

We slow-cook whole joints of prime British and Irish beef. This is sliced, seasoned with our own unique marinades, and dusted with our blends of herbs and spices.

The result is LIKE ROAST BEEF IN A BAG…. tender, and spectacularly tasty!